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Welcome to SolarLive , dedicated to observing the nearest G2V star, our Sun.

soleil et lune

About SolarLive

SolarLive: Experience our nearest G2V class star, the Sun: live from Zwolle, the Netherlands.

Live broadcasting with an Imaging Source DMK 31AU03.AS camera and different solar-telescopes from Lunt and Coronado.

You can watch dark sunspots come and go, surrounding area’s of plage, magnetic filaments, erupting prominences and occasionally, some outbursting flares.
Live streamed in the light of H-alpha and Calcium-K lines. You can find more information of the used telescopes on the Equipment page.

More about the members of Team SolarLive:

Warning!: NEVER look at the sun without proper filters!!
So, have a safe, fun time at SolarLive!


At this page, some links to some handy sites about our Sun and Solar Imaging … and some more usefull stuff:


SoHo, to see what’s up with the Sun today:
Calendrier des éclipses solaires :
Solar Observatory Kanzelhöhe :
SIDC, Solar Influences Data Analysis Center, Belgium Solar observing centre:
CloudyNights SolarForum, a nice forum for Solar enthousiasts!:
WGZon, an enthousiastic belgium group of solar observers with a hugh informative database:,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/
Bass2000 is a good reference site for what’s going on in Continuum, Ha and CaK:
Always hold your eye on solarflares at:
Want to know at which direction those proms are, where you’re looking at or need some other measurements? Maybe this is what you are looking for:

Some links to my SolarBuddies:

Gema Araujo, this lovely lady comes from Merida, Spain, She images almost every day in continuum, Ha and CaK. She is also hosting my online gallery.
Hiram Ronquillo Villarreal from Chiuaiua, my Mexican buddy!. I learned most of my imaging skills from this guy.
Stephen Ames from Kentucky, US, together with his lovely wife Kim, are also very good friends of mine. I think he is the worldrecordholder of solar observing/sketching!
Andreas Murner from Breitbrunn, Germany, I learned a lot of this guy too:
Sjoerd Dufoer from Brugge, Belgium: A good friend and an enthousiastic Solar observer.
Stephen Ramsden from Atlanta, US, a good friend too with great imaging tutorials:
Pete Lawrence from Selsey, Uk has always been inspiring:
Jan Timmermans is a well known PST imager from Valkenswaard, the Netherlands, and has a great site about PST- imaging and modifications:
Paul Haese from Blackwood, Australia:
Greg Piepol’s site is a must see for solar outreachers!:
Mark Walters from Powys, Wales, Uk has a nice Solarblog:

Some links to other friend’s sites….not specific solar and only in Dutch:

Erwin Kats, administrator and member of Team SolarLive:
Willy Buning, also living in Zwolle and his passion is deepsky-imaging:
Ronald van Dijk has a nice variety of images and articles on his site:
VWS Thales, homebase of the local astonomers in Zwolle:
Vechtdal sterrenwacht, another club, I’m a member of:
Astro Event Group, a enthousiastic group with a great E-zine:
Ivar Kooren with some very nice astronomical images:

Want you got a link to your Solar site too? Just contact me!

Live Solar Webcam

SolarLive is broadcasting the Sun, live: at weekends, holidays and day off’s. Mostly, we are live at 11h00-15h00 or 15h00-17h00 UT, when it is sunny and there is something to see. Otherwise, an old clip from 26-09-09, is playing. It shows a nice prominence on the NE-ern limb with Coronado PST @ F/25 and b/w ToUcam.
David W. Knisely made these drawings, which are a good classification for different types of prominences visible on SolarLive. See his excelent site about Solar observing the Sun in Ha: